Coldwater Fishing

p1Cold Water Fishing is a unique practice of catching the fishes with the aid of the fish hooks or the spears in the ice water. This type of fishing is a specialized one and the entire size of the hole totally depends on the type of the fish sought which is about eight inches. In some of the cases the power augers are used and sometimes if the tools are not available for the time being, then an axe can also be used in order to chop the hole. When the season is too cold then the ice anglers are chosen in order to carry the heater of some of the types. Here, there are major three types of fishing occurs. Initially, the first type of fishing uses the bright colored gigs along with the baits such as the wax worms. The second type of fishing uses the tip-ups which are made up of either wood or a plastic along with the thin piece of metal starting from the scratch of the spool to the top notch of the flag. The third method is nothing but a unique one known to be the spear fishing and the fish decoys can be deployed here.